Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere

Yes, it is a real competition, apparently. So go here http://bloggingpoet.squarespace.com/bloggingpoetcom/vote-for-the-2010-poet-laureate-of-the-blogosphere.html and vote for Robert Lee Brewer, the nice man who provides awesome poetry prompts so that I can write awesome poems for you to read. Time is running out! Go vote!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Exhaustion Poem

My mind is heavy,
my body drags,
resisting every step
that pulls farther
from bed.
My eyes fight to
focus, and still
I press on.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4.20.2010: Two for Tuesdays!

Looking back:
They say not to look back,
but it's good- for reflection,
to learn lessons, to move on.
It's important to never forget,
and to do this, we must
occasionally look back.

Not looking back:
I cannot allow myself,
to look back. If I am
ever to get over this,
if I am ever to move
forward, I can only
look ahead.

4.19.2010: Poem about Someone

The customers at my bank
are a varied group-
some know what they are doing,
others are clueless.
Some are like old friends,
others still barely speak,
even after two years.
I see them more than I see
anyone else in my life.
They can cheer me up,
or bring me down,
but they are always there.

4.15.2010: Deadline Poem

I have five days to write this paper.
I have to wash my car.
I have four days to write this paper.
I think I'll go for a hike.
I have three days to write this paper.
My friends brought over a stack of movies.
I have two days to write this paper.
I am really hungover.
I have one day to write this paper.
I still have time.
i have four hours to write this paper.
Where did the time go?

4.12.2010: City Poem

St. Louis, Gateway
to the West. City where
I live, home that I love,
The history, the diversity,
the culture, the people.
Urban planning, parks,
people watching. The
city lights may not be
as bright as New York's,
but they are warm and

4.11.2010: The Last

The last puppy to be born,
the last one to be adopted,
the last addition to my home,
the last love of my life.

4.13.2010: Two for Tuesdays:

Between any two people,
a feeling of trust, compassion,
understanding and safety
can exist. To know warmth,
to know security, to know
friendship and comfort-
this is love.

Slaps, kicks, insults,
shouting, anger, jealousy,
possession and control-
this is not love, but hate.

4.10.2010: Horror Poem

(For Missy)

I sit in the dark, the film ghosting
across my pale skin. I clench
my eyes shut, and shudder.
Such a mess on screen: guts,
gore, and screaming. Although
I love to be frightened, I don't
love the feeling of losing my lunch.
I want a psychological attack,
not an intestinal one. I want a
movie to terrify me, not make me sick.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tool Poem

There's always a
relentless banging,
me pushing a
stubborn nail
into a wall to
hang a lovely picture.
Then there are those
times when I must
yank the nail out
with my legs.
Some days you're
the nail, but
I am always
the hammer.