Thursday, September 16, 2010

9.15.2010: Person Poem

For my teacup:

My Grandma, my teacup,
is small, it's true.
But so ready to cheer up,
so full of love for you.

My teacup, my grammy,
lovely and kind,
silly and sassy,
never far from my mind.

9.1.2010: Set the World on Fire Poem

I smelled the gasoline-
everything was drenched.
He stood on the peak,
and flicked the Bic.
I held my breath-
it didn't spark.
It began to rain.

8.25.2010: Whatever____ Poem

Whatever happened to quality
tv? Sitcoms, game shows, good
entertainment? Where did all
of this "reality" come from? It's
not even real! It's all just
bad writing. Don't books and
the outdoors just look
so much better?

8.11.2010: As I was Saying Poem

As I was saying
before being so rudely-
oh look! A kitty!