Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 30: Farewell Poem

Well, it's that time,
time for you to leave out
on tour. I can't come
with you- I've obligations
of my own. I'll miss you
desperately, and cling to
your shirts, breathing in
your scent. I'll cry
the first few nights,
and write you a letter
everyday you're away.
I'll hold your pillow,
the same way I hold you.
Days before you come
home will drag on so
slowly. I'll wait for
you to come home
safely to me. I believe
in your talent, and
I trust you'll be
faithful. I'll wear
your dog tags everyday.
You smile and kiss me,
hugging so tight. As
you turn to the van,
I whisper: Farewell.

Day 28: Two for Tuesdays

Poem 1: Thoughts on Sestinas

Oh, you sestina
Why must you torment me so,
Causing writer's block?

Poem 2: Sestina

Sitting on my porch underneath the rain,
Navigating the mazes of my soul,
Searching for some kind of peace;
My heart runs faster in my chest.
The storm beats against the window
But the birds continue their song.

I'm trying to find my own song,
To raise my voice above the rain.
I want to open a window,
To the depths of my soul.
Buried way down beneath my chest
Screaming for the arrival of peace.

All I need is a small piece,
A fragment of a song,
To fill the emptiness in my chest.
I need my voice to reign
Above all in my soul,
To open up that window-

Drops trail down the window.
I'm still searching for that peace
To soothe my soul.
I'm still searching for that song.
I listen to the beating rain,
So like the beating in my chest.

In my room by my bed is a chest,
Underneath the window
Covered by shadows of the rain.
I've searched inside for a piece,
A fragment of a song,
To ease the suffering of my soul.

There is a crying in my soul
Far below my chest
That only wants to sing a song.
As I sit below this window,
Longing for peace,
Sheltered from the rain.

The rain falls deep into my soul,
Bearing peace into my chest,
Breaking the window with its song.

Day 26: Miscommunication Poem

It seems to be a theme in our relationship-
miscommunication. We seem to always
misunderstand each other- read too much
between the lines, hearing things that just
aren't there. We have such different ways
of revealing our innermost selves, yet at
the end of the day we always end up
on the same page.

Day 25: Event Poem

CD Release Party:

All of their friends, fans, and fellow
musicians are present. Their cd
flows from the speakers and
envelopes the revelers. He exits
his crowd of adorers and seeks
me out. Everything fades as we meet-
head to head, hand to hand,
hips to hips and heart to heart.

Day 23: Regret Poem

I'm sorry we cannot be friends.
You seem cool, and everyone seems
to love you, especially him.
But, you have no respect for me
in his life, and this is how we
always shall be.
El tango no es de tres.

Day 21: Two for Tuesday

Poem 1: Haiku

Stronger than ever,
I rise from this bed, living
to see another day.

Poem 2: About Haiku
I love haikus-
they are simple,
yet elegant, but
not always a
quick and easy write.

Day 20: Rebirth Poem

Winter has released his hold,
heading back to sleep. The sun
has come out, flowers are pulling
themselves out of the mud. Trees
are shaking off snow and sprouting
green leaves and pink blossoms.
It is the rebirth of Spring.

Day 18: Interaction Poem

I woke in the sun and stretched.
A long piece of red catches my eye.
It wriggles around, tempting me.
I lick my chops and creep along
on my belly. Closer, closer, closer-
then I pounce on it! Hm, it's soft
and wriggling away. I crouch down
again, completely undetected. I'm
getting close enough to pounce! It's
moving away again. Hey, I know those
hips. I paw the red carefully- my
mistress looks down and smiles.
I jump in her lap to follow
the red-it's another scarf.
Hey- what's that out the window?

Day 17: All I Want Is---- Poem

All I want is to know myself,
to know who I am, to know my place-
Where do I belong? Why am I here?
All I want is some answers,
for this emptinessto go away.
All I want is peace of mind-
and peace of soul.

Day 16: Color Poem

Green- the color of the grass
as it begins to grow back after
its long winter slumber;
the leaves that clothe once
naked trees; the stalks that
raise flowers and vegetables
from the mud to be put
on my kitchen table.

Day 14: Two for Tuesday

Poem 1: Love Poem
Love is what gives me
that burning feeling inside.
It's what makes me glow.

Poem 2: Anti-Love Poem
Love can drive you mad,
Break your heart and break you down-
You can die inside.

Day 12: So We Decided to--- Poem

He had that look in his eye,
I had that fire in my belly.
But his parents were on their way,
So we decided to wait a while.

Day 11: Object Poem

Bound in leather,
covered in black type,
my books take me
all over the world,
turn me into
different people
in different times,
all living with that
condition we all
suffer from:
the human condition.

Day 10: Friday Poem

Good old Friday,
end of the week.
Kick off your shoes,
Let down your hair.
Take the kids
someplace fun.
Have yourself
drink or two.
Enjoy the start
of your weekend.
Two days of
rest and fun.

Day 9: Memory Poem

I've always loved remembering,
walking down memory lane.
Alas, I'm growing older now,
Remembering in vain.

I get my memories mixed up,
facts mixing with fiction,
I still tell childhood tales with gusto,
but without conviction.

My children will laugh
and correct me, telling
the right version, but just between
us, my stories are much more compelling.

Day 7: Two for Tuesdays

Poem 1: Clean Poem

"Too long, too long, too long in the shower!
You take too long in the shower!"
In my defense, I have a lot to do:
Shampoo, condition, shave, and bathe.
I'm a dirty girl. It takes me a while
to get clean.

Poem 2: Dirty Poem

First, I go to the bathroom
by my favorite tree. Then I pluck
my ball out of a puddle and
chew on that for a while.
Then I rub along the fence,
trying to scratch that itch.
Then, it's off for a roll
in the garden, just for fun.
Uh-oh: Bath time!

Day 3: The Problem With Staying Young

The problem with staying young
is that it's too much work.
Injecting alien substances
to keep your skin smooth;
trying to stay cool and up-to-
date on the newest parts of culture
while trying to maintain your dignity.
Wearing clothes too small and
swearing that you respect yourself
while spending time with people
who don't; speaking
superficially while maintaining
your intelligence. You try to
be someone you aren't despite
promising to stay true
to yourself.

Poem a Day Challenge, April 2009

So, April is over and so is the Poem-A-Day Challenge at . I have completed the challenge, minus one poem. I even wrote a sestina, my first ever! I'm so proud. That was a good day. I'm picking out my favorites and will be posting them here. Are you excited? I know- me too. Here's a poem from Day 2- the Outsider Poem:

Their hair is thick, shiny, done just right.
Mine is thin, straggly, loaded down with static.
They are dressed to the nines;
My clothes barely fit.
Their bodies are curvy and strong-
Mine is slender and week.
Their faces are clean and clear-
Mine is kept hidden from view.
Their purses hold money, makeup, and phone numbers-
Mine houses my diary, and pens.
Their heads hold only the artificial;
Mine holds art, history, and literature.
I don't belong-
and they let me know it.