Friday, November 26, 2010

11.25.2010: Animal Poem

I want a pet, something
small, soft, cuddly.
Instead, we have a snake.
Two, in fact. They just
aren't that cuddly. I don't
care what my boyfriend says.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two for Tuesdays

Form Poem:
November has come,
at last, making itself known
with a chilling wind.

Non-Form Poem:
I despise form poems,
I hate being confined.
I write how I want,
what I want, and
throw off the shackles
of your form.

Monday, November 22, 2010

11.18.2010: Palindrome Poetry

Turning leaves gracefully fly,
dying flowers, graying sky,
glowing moon, howling wolves
under the wolves' howling moon,
glowing sky graying, flowers
dying fly, gracefully leaves turning.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

11.12.2010: Forget What They Say Poem:

Forget what they say
about heartache and pain,
Let yourself fall
headlong into love.
Close your eyes and
don't look down.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11.10.2010: Love Poem

Words cannot express
how much I love you. But I'll
never stop trying.

11.9.2010: Two for Tuesday

Slow Down:
I want to stop and
smell the roses as I
watch the clouds drifting.

Never Slow Down:
We can never slow
down. Because if we do, they
will catch up to us.

11.8.2010: Agreement Poem:

So we agree to disagree-
you will disagree with
everything I say, while I
will get angry and
stomp around the house.
We'll laugh, kiss, make up,
and repeat the entire process
in a few hours.

11.6.2010: Looking for _____ Poem:

I am looking for the person you
used to be. The person who talked
books with me, asked my opinion,
rubbed my feet once and bought
me cupcakes for my birthday.
I am looking for him, but cannot
find him. Instead, I see you,
obnoxious, misogynist, man-boy
whom I don't even recognize,
who can't even decide if he
wants to be my friend or not.
There's just you. I don't even
know you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11.4.2010: Containment Poem:

The evening is settling in,
the breeze warm on our skin.
I watch her- long legs,
blonde hair, little colt-
as she catches fireflies.
I hold out the jar when
she runs to me, hands
cupped. We put her capture
in the jar and hold it
to the night, wondering
how many more for a lamp.

11.2.2010: Two for Tuesday

Ready to Start:
I am ready to start,
get this show on the road.
Pack up the car,
start then engine,
let's go, go, go!

Not Ready:
I always put off
to the last minute
getting ready, as if,
subconsciously, I
don't really want to go.

10.27.2010: What I Love About____ Poem:

What I love about you
is the way you make me laugh,
the way you cuddle up to me
in the dark, and whisper of love.

What I love about you
is how smart you are,
the way you talk,
the way you see.

What I love about you
is how you made me love me.
I can do anything, be anyone,
look any way in your eyes.

What I love about you
is the way you love me.
Your kindness and support-
how you love me no matter what.

What I love about you
is the way that we love.
With equality and respect,
friendship, our whole selves.