Thursday, August 28, 2008

Greetings and Salutations

So, you've stumbled onto my blog. Welcome. Make yourself comfortable. Take a look around. I'm Monica, and it's nice to meet you. I'm a writer. Well, I try to be. And this blog will revolve around my writing life.
What do I write? Fiction and poems. I try to write across genres, even if it's just a snippet of dialogue. I purge a lot of emotions and darkness out of me onto paper. Sometimes it's amusing. Sometimes, the story is so tough for me to write that it gives me a headache. I'll post some poems and clips of my stories. I'm going to enter various writing competitions, and I'll keep you posted on those outcomes. I also plan on posting book reviews.
I have yet to stumble into a writing regimen. I know that I just need to park my bum in the chair and just write until my writing takes shape, but I start to watch Penn and Teller on YouTube, then the next thing I know I'm off doing something completely. The same thing happens when I look something up on Wikipedia. I start off looking up miscarriages or depression, or even a type of food - next thing I know, I'm up to my neck in the Black Death.
But I'm rambling off. It happens. You have to learn to get used to that with me, or you're going to get dizzy and fall down.
The reason I write is that one other person. When you listen to musicians talk about how music has influenced them, they always say that when times get tough, they would escape into music. I escaped into books. I have been to so many different places and I've been so many different people. My books have gotten me through some dark times. I can't identify with the screaming of heavy metal, or the street lyrics of rap, but I know how Lizzy Bennett was discriminated against for being poorer than Miss Bingley, and I've had people remind me of that fact. I want to be that for someone else. I want to write something that someone else can escape into. And if I can reach that one person, that's what matters.
Besides, if I don't get these stories out, my head my just explode.
So, now that you're here, I hope you stick around for a while. I'll do my best to entertain you and keep you coming back.


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