Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two for Tuesdays

Love Poem:
When you're in love, it shouldn't be
so difficult to write a simple love
poem. But there are so many
expectations and so much pressure to
be romantic and brilliant, especially
if you're writing for or about
someone in particular. Well, I'm
neither brilliant nor poetic, but
I do love you. I just don't have
a creative way to say it. I don't
know if love is worth all of the
trouble, but I am glad that
I have you. I love you.

Anti-Love Poem:
I've been up all night long
crying my eyes out. He
stood me up, then dumped
me for being too demanding.
What is the point of all
of this? It clearly isn't
worth it. I'm just
exhausted, and my time
has been wasted.

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