Thursday, August 6, 2009

7.15.2009 Prompt

He was going to make them right with a couple of pills or an injection, and people took him by the arm on his way to the sickroom. Flattering, but dangerous.

I knew what those pills and injections did, and I wanted no part of them. The doc and his nurses claimed they were meds, to make you feel better and act in a way that was acceptable to society. Hogwash, I say. Those pills did nothing but turn your mind into mush. They calmed your outbursts and turned you docile and easier to handle. Easier to control. Especially when good old Dr. Hogarth took you into that back room, the room behind the red door. No one knew what went on behind that door, because anyone who came out of there never spoke about it. They just sat on the couch, arms wrapped around themselves, staring vacantly out of the window. No one knew what was behind that red door, and no one wanted to find out. Jimmy wanted to find out once, wanted to find out without going back there with the doc. He went up to the door, and tried it. It was locked. This made Jimmy angry. He kicked and cursed at the door until Nurse James took little Jimmy away. The next day, Jimmy went through the red door with Dr. Hogarth and his assistants, Dr. Brannaugh and Nurse Long-Legs Anne. When Jimmy came out, he was just like the others: silent and vacant. We couldn't get a word out of him. We even sent Izzy to him. Little Dizzy Izzy, who could get Jimmy to say or do anything. He came back with nothing, crying at his failure. Izzy hung himself that night with the scarf his grandmother made for him just before she died. The powers that be were furious, of course. Dr. Hogarth had been in charge for four years and there had been no deaths under his watchful gaze. Under the previous rulers, deaths happened at least two or three times a year. Dr. Hogarth demanded to know who was responsible for Izzy's death. A pretty silly question, since he hung himself. I didn't realize I had said this out loud until Dr. Hogarth glared at me."Maybe it was you." he sneered. "Maybe you wanted little, innocent Izzy all for yourself.""No way man," I answered. "Izzy had always belonged to Jimmy. Everyone knows that. Besides, I like girls. Right baby?" I blew a kiss to Nurse Long-Legs Anne."Why you little...." Dr. Hogarht began, but was interrupted by Harry."Maybe he just didn't like what you did to Jimmy." he said."What's that?" demanded Hogarth."Well, after Jimmy came out, he just wasn't the same. He didnt seem to want anything to do with Izzy. Maybe Izzy couldn't handle the rejection and bit the Big One."Dr. Hogarth nodded, and walked off with Anne, whispering. After lunch, Harry went behind the door. This time it was different. This time we heard the screams. Anne hadn't gone with them this time. I followed her to the bathroom. When she came out of her stall, she was shocked to see me. Maybe a little scared? She tried to hide it."What are you doing? This is the women's room. You need to leave."I stepped closer to her. "What's behind the red door?""You know I can't tell you that." Anne brushed past me to the sink. I spun her around and shoved her against the mirror. She winced as her head connected. I unzipped my pants and showed myself."Please don't." she whispered."What's behind the red door?" I repeated. She whimpered, not answering. I lifted up her dress, feeling along her body. So warm."Again. What's behind the red door?""I can't tell you! You know that!"I began to pull down her stockings and underwear. "Last chance.""Electroshock! It's electroshock therapy." She was crying now. I looked at her with disgust and let go of her. She began to straighten herself as I tucked myself back in. I put both hands on her face and kissed her. When I pulled back, I smashed her head against the mirror. Over and over, until the mirror cracked and pieces fell on the floor and I was sure she was dead. I let her drop. Dr. Hogarth and Dr. Brannaugh busrt in."Too late." I said.Dr. Hogarth held his hand out to me. "Come along. It's your turn to see what's behind the red door."I shook my head. "I don't feel like electroshock today, Dr." I said, picking up a large shard of glass.

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