Friday, August 28, 2009

8.26.2009 Prompt

Write a scene about this man-perhaps a pivotal moment in his life - in the dunking booth, or elsewhere.*

It had been a rather cloudy day. Maybe that was why there weren't many people at the fair that day. A chill arose suddenly, and stroked Bozo's bones. As quickly as the chill came it vanished, and that's when he saw her. She had a wad of bills, and she was going to use them at Bozo's dunk booth. Bill looked pleased. Why shouldn't he? The day had been slow, and this girl seemed content to give Bill her money. How could Bill possibly misinterpret that glint in her eye? He saw excitement; Bozo saw hatred. Why not? He had walked out on her mother ten years ago, then turned his back on her when she found him two years ago. His daughter, his own flesh and blood. He'd wanted nothing to do with her, with the responsibility of being a dad. He didn't want the restrictions and burdens of being a suburban man. That wasn't his American dream. He wanted the freedom of an open road and to be able to ramble wherever his feet took him.She dunked him on the first try. She had a good arm. She didn't look any more muscular than when he saw her last. She picked out a small blue dog, and handed Bill three more singles. She dunked him again."Well done!" Bill yelled out. She threw two more balls, dunking him each time. Bozo was barely able to catch his breath before she sent him back into the water."My God," he thought, climbing back into his seat. "She's trying to drown me!" The chill picked up, and a small crowd gathered. "Bill," Bozo wheezed. "Don't give her anymore baseballs. She's trying to kill me!""You should have thought of that before you abandoned your family!" Bill replied. Bozo went under again. When he pulled himself back onto his seat, the wind had picked up. The crowd had dispersed, and Bill was chatting with Bozo's daughter. He ran his fingers through her hair, and she smiled."Hey!" Bozo called out, but the wind carried off his words. The rains came. Bill pulled Bozo's daughter into a passionate kiss, running his hands across her back, buttocks, and sides."Hey!" Bozo yelled out again, but he was drowned out by the rain, and now thunder. Bill walked off with Bozo's daughter. They were heading back to the trailers where the workers lived. Bozo tried to climb out of the booth, but he kept slipping. He wanted to call out his daughter's name, but he couldn't remember it."Oh God. How can I not remember my own daughter's name?" Bozo tried the doors of the booth, but they were padlocked. He tried to climb out yet again, but kept slipping."Bill!" he screamed out. "Bill!" But Bill had taken the girl into his trailer and slammed the door. The wind blew harder. The fairgrounds were empty except for Bozo. There was a scream- a high-pitched woman's scream that came from Bill's trailer. The wind carried the screams, a horrible disembodied sound. The rain and thunder stopped. The screaming stopped. The wind slowed, but never stopped. The door to Bill's trailer slammed open, and Bill stepped out. He was covered in blood. Bozo began to scream and bang on the booth as Bill laughed.

* The photo is of a man at a dunk booth. It can be found at . Look under the 8.26.09 blog

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