Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 30: Farewell Poem

Well, it's that time,
time for you to leave out
on tour. I can't come
with you- I've obligations
of my own. I'll miss you
desperately, and cling to
your shirts, breathing in
your scent. I'll cry
the first few nights,
and write you a letter
everyday you're away.
I'll hold your pillow,
the same way I hold you.
Days before you come
home will drag on so
slowly. I'll wait for
you to come home
safely to me. I believe
in your talent, and
I trust you'll be
faithful. I'll wear
your dog tags everyday.
You smile and kiss me,
hugging so tight. As
you turn to the van,
I whisper: Farewell.

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