Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 28: Two for Tuesdays

Poem 1: Thoughts on Sestinas

Oh, you sestina
Why must you torment me so,
Causing writer's block?

Poem 2: Sestina

Sitting on my porch underneath the rain,
Navigating the mazes of my soul,
Searching for some kind of peace;
My heart runs faster in my chest.
The storm beats against the window
But the birds continue their song.

I'm trying to find my own song,
To raise my voice above the rain.
I want to open a window,
To the depths of my soul.
Buried way down beneath my chest
Screaming for the arrival of peace.

All I need is a small piece,
A fragment of a song,
To fill the emptiness in my chest.
I need my voice to reign
Above all in my soul,
To open up that window-

Drops trail down the window.
I'm still searching for that peace
To soothe my soul.
I'm still searching for that song.
I listen to the beating rain,
So like the beating in my chest.

In my room by my bed is a chest,
Underneath the window
Covered by shadows of the rain.
I've searched inside for a piece,
A fragment of a song,
To ease the suffering of my soul.

There is a crying in my soul
Far below my chest
That only wants to sing a song.
As I sit below this window,
Longing for peace,
Sheltered from the rain.

The rain falls deep into my soul,
Bearing peace into my chest,
Breaking the window with its song.

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