Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poem a Day Challenge, April 2009

So, April is over and so is the Poem-A-Day Challenge at . I have completed the challenge, minus one poem. I even wrote a sestina, my first ever! I'm so proud. That was a good day. I'm picking out my favorites and will be posting them here. Are you excited? I know- me too. Here's a poem from Day 2- the Outsider Poem:

Their hair is thick, shiny, done just right.
Mine is thin, straggly, loaded down with static.
They are dressed to the nines;
My clothes barely fit.
Their bodies are curvy and strong-
Mine is slender and week.
Their faces are clean and clear-
Mine is kept hidden from view.
Their purses hold money, makeup, and phone numbers-
Mine houses my diary, and pens.
Their heads hold only the artificial;
Mine holds art, history, and literature.
I don't belong-
and they let me know it.

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